Eben Aquila

Artist | Interior Designerph here.

I am a self-taught artist based in Milan. While I moonlight as a hyper realist, I am also an interior designer. I love to work with my hands and believe myself to be a creator. I have always chosen to tread a path where I create everything including the path I take. My eyes binge on aesthetics and I have an insatiable itch to make everything look good.

Under Aquilan Touch I take orders for portraits and murals for commercial and home spaces. I have also helped design a couple of restaurants and have worked with builders on residential projects.

Where I am headed?

I am headed towards greatness, with a few pit stops at Design school, more exhibitions and livelier themes to explore. My inspirations come from the most regular of things around me, because when I recreate them I know I can amaze my audience to see the extraordinary in the ordinary